Tuesday, March 24, 2015


Life can be raw, animalistic and thorny for the "King of the Jungle." But he looks out with peaceful eyes. He has learned that he must work between the worlds in order to connect to the spiritual realm for guidance and strength. This helps him embrace the need for this raw power and use it to empower his life to the fullest. Thus, for him reconciling the need for the wake of carnage and calamity to other species on his jungle path in order for him just to eat. By eating and staying strong enough to deal with this part of his ugly and thorny existence, he is able to achieve his ultimate goals on his Earthly incarnation plain. His message to us? Learn how to achieve and maintain focus and inner peace in order to cope with the raw and thorny lessons on the Earth plain.
Picture from The Wild Unknown Tarot

Thursday, March 12, 2015

Sharpen Your Focus!

The Art of Focus

On Sea Star Tarot I call out to you to let me “Sharpen Your Focus!”    Well, Sharon you say, just what does that mean?  Are you going to fix my spectacles?  Do I need to buy a telescope or a pair of binoculars?  How can YOU help ME sharpen my focus?

I can guide you safely through your issues and troubled waters!  Stay with me a moment while I explain.  When we arise to face what the day will bring, we work on creating and or following a predesignated agenda.  I’m a list maker.  I jot down, throughout my day, all of those things that require more study, some sort of activity, attention, etc.  Then each evening, before I allow myself to relax, I review my list.  If I've managed to check off more than I’ve added, I give myself a pat on the back.   By doing this I ‘sharpen’ my own focus regarding what needs to be done and keep track of my accomplishments.  How many of you write down what you need to do tomorrow and try to stick to it?  This can be a very helpful tool.

But why would you need to consult a Tarot Reader like myself for this?  As simply stated by my business coach, Jenna Matlin, from Queen of Wands Tarot (www.queenofwandstarot.net):

“Our lives are grounded in hard focus; on the road, on our phones, at our emails, etc. The beam of concentration is sharp, but pinpoint small.”

Jenna then goes on to talk about something called soft focus.  She defines soft focus as follows:

“Soft focus is blurry with a wide field of view…”

Okay, so how can blurring my focus sharpen it?  Is this not an oxymoron?  Not necessarily.  A good many of us rarely engage in the activity of soft focus.  We tend to be very “left-brained”, analytical, and critical.  We expect to find the reference to whatever we need advice on in a very logical way.  We strive for efficiency.  Proactivity is the name of the game.  “Get the dictionary, look it up in Wikipedia, search the web for that answer and don’t waste time!”  Does that feel or sound familiar?

What do you think would happen if, when you have a problem to solve, you just take a minute to relax, take some deep breathes, blur your eyes a bit and open to what the creative forces of the Universe might offer?  Or how many of you have you ever done this; just pushed away from a problem and went on to do something else, when suddenly you have an “Ah Ha!” moment and the answers come rushing in?

Sometimes when we arrest our’ hard’ concentration, we actually are able to adjust the sites on our scopes and actually sharpen our focus, which then helps us to connect to the solutions for those elusive problems.
However, if you are so caught up in a crisis and/or even just everyday life challenges that you can't see the forest for the trees, getting a Tarot reading from a legitimate and experienced reader can help you get your act together, ward off “burn-out” and you move forward.  As tarot readers, we are trained in how to do soft focus.  We learn how to quietly move through the forest of our client’s anxieties and let the incoming information we get infuse our minds past the line of fear or the obvious into something deeper.  From this place we can then ‘divine’ the suggestions that the Universe offers up for solutions to the problems and share them with you with our interpretation of the cards and a summary of their meaning, making suggestions to help you grasp what you might do about a given situation.  You must keep in mind, however, that nothing is ever set in stone and as a ‘freewill’ entity you always have the right and need to make your own choices.

I hope you found this information about sharpening your focus helpful and if you think you might benefit from a reading with me, come and check me out at www.seastartarot.com!



Monday, March 9, 2015

Good Monday Friends & Tarot Enthusiasts!

Good Day Everyone! In an attempt to take the Mondayness out of your day an send some Florida sunshine your way, I created a little collage. It's a picture story of my Sunday. I sold a couple of Charm Bags, passed out a fair amount of business cards and gave 3 readings. Not a gangbuster busy day, but a very pleasant one full of peace and acceptance... The day was lovely with temps in the upper 70's and lots of sunshine, so since the Craft Fair ended early, my husband and our good friend contrived to reward me for all of my hard work with a bit of sightseeing and an impromptu sail for a bit down the ICW. What a treat! The Nina and the Pinta had come to town. We couldn't be satisfied with a brief land view, so we got up close and personal with the boat! Abundant Blessings to everyone! ~ Sharon Merlier wink emoticon

Sunday, March 1, 2015

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