Tuesday, June 30, 2015


We certainly have a lot to be grateful for, as we pull the last of our loose ends together and head out on our new adventure towards the end of July. One of the things that I believe in is the power of the Moon and how this power helps us get our lives together. When I look at this picture, I see myself on the rocky shoreline of Maine next month giving thanks to Mother Moon for allowing me once again to enjoy my life on Mother Ocean aboard Evergreen.

If you would like to learn more about the power of the Moon and how to engage with Her visit the link:


The following is posted by Patti Wigington - one of my favorite resources:

July's full moon is known as the Blessing Moon, although it's also called the Meadow Moon. July was originally called Quintilus, but was later renamed in honor of Julius Caesar.


  • Colors: Green, silver, blue-gray
  • Gemstones: Moonstone, white agate, opals or pearls
  • Trees: Ash and Oak
  • Gods: Juno, Venus, Cerridwen, Athena, Nephthys, Lugh
  • Herbs: Mugwort, hyssop, lemon balm
  • Element: Water 

This is a great time to do divination and dreamwork. Find a way to incorporate the watery energy of the Blessing Moon into your spell crafting and ritual. Enjoy the relaxing feeling of July's full moon and use it in your personal meditation.


Thursday, June 18, 2015

Mother, Mother, Ocean...

June 18, 2015
Greetings and abundant “Thors” day blessing to Everyone!
Thor, mighty God of Thunder and protector of the common man, we honor you!
Some of you may be wondering how I will carry on my magickal practice when I return to the Sea.  Well, that’s an easy question to answer.  I will be in the powerful embrace of Mother Ocean. Aphrodite, Ishtar and Venus were called Stella Maris or Star of the Sea.  These Goddesses are very powerful indeed
In French la mere means mother and la mer means sea.
The sea is where Darwin claims that all life began.  People, have gathered their food from it, used the tides, and felt the powerful rhythm for thousands of years.
Jimmy Buffet says a bit about the lure of the Sea:
Mother, mother ocean
I’ve heard you call
Wanted to sail upon your waters
Since I was three feet tall
You’ve seen it all
You see it all
I’ve watched the men who rode you
Switched from sails to steam
And in your belly you hold the treasures
Few have ever seen
Most of them dreams
Most of them dreams
Yes I am pirate
Two hundred years too late
The cannons don’t thunder
There’s nothing to plunder…
Sandra Kyne the author of Sea Magic says this:
Mother Ocean is that wonderful “in-between” place... Metaphorically, we step from the beach into the true currents of our lives. Here, awash in the natural world, we discover our own sacred balance.

Some people meditate for lengthy periods to reach that place in between the spiritual realm and Earth.  I will be so fortunate to be living there!  I’ll be able to actually feel the gentle movement of the floating boat while at anchor, or the surge of the sea as we plow through the water during a rollicking sail.  I can gather and bless the water for ritual, already prepared for me by Mother Ocean, and put it in a shell.  I can meditate beneath the outrageous shimmer of the stars at night.  Then when I climb out on deck in the morning I can enjoy my coffee while watching the sparkle of Sunlight dancing on the water, watch the dolphins and water birds play, and be ever amazed at the breeching whales.  This, my friends, is a world of wonder and delight, absolutely overflowing with MAGIC!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Thursdays are for Abundance!

Prosperity magick is often done on Thursdays, using a green candle. If you want to add a stone to the mix, many of the green stones, like malachite, jade, or aventurine, are also associated with prosperity.

One of the things I always suggest when doing prosperity work is to keep an open mind. If you ask for one specific thing, like money, you might or might not get it. But if you leave room for the Universe to improvise, you might end up getting just the right thing and the right time to fill whatever need you have.

When I am going to do this spell, I often take a green votive and using the tip of my athame or a toothpick, scratch a few rune symbols (such as Uraz and Gifu) into it, along with  my initials.

God and Goddess hear my plea
Rain prosperity down on me
Bring in monies large and small
To pay my bills, one and all
Money earned and gifts for free
As I will, so mote it be

Note: If you are concerned about getting your prosperity in a way that is less than positive (a relative dying, for instance), you can always add at the end of this or any other spell: For the good of all, and according to the free will of all, so mote it be.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

It's Hurricane Season!

Blessings Everyone,

Well here we are in the month of June!  The Wheel of the year is turning and Litha approaches.  It’s hard to imagine that half the year has almost flown by!  

One of the things about June that those of us who live along the East coast of the US  and especially here at Basecamp is the fear of Hurricanes!!!

After you have taken proper mundane precautions to make sure your home and property is protected you can do something magical as well!

I am reprinting some advice from one of my favorite ladies – Ann Moura about how we can protect ourselves in the event of a Hurricane warning. 

This excellent spell comes from her book, Grimoire for the Green Witch: A Complete Book of Shadows  (Kindle Location 2622). Kindle Edition.

 Her first advice is: 

“Change another's Spell slightly so it is yours: to make the energy generated recognize that it comes from you and your will, so that it connects to work with you specifically.”

This is very important.  In order to be effective, you must change the spell ever so slightly to make it your own.  Put your energy into it.  I can’t stress this enough!

 For this spell you may find it helpful to address the Elemental Winds by raising the completed spell materials to each Quarter to energize spell:

 -North wind for physical actions

 -East wind for new beginnings and mental actions

-South wind for power and vigorous actions

 -West wind for cleansings and emotional actions

Alright, is everybody ready?  Here we go!


 Perform during: anytime there is threat of a hurricane.

You will need:  a sharp knife [not your Athame].

Spell casting: take knife in hand and go outdoors, facing the direction from which the wind is blowing. Wave the knife overhead three times in a great circle while saying: I call upon thee, Elementals Air and Water! Go wherever ye please, But stay thou far away from me! Throughout the oceans ye may roam! But nowhere near to my own home! For kith and kin are thee to me, That As I Will, So Mote It Be!

Thrust the knife into the ground while envisioning that the winds will be "split" and not come near. After the danger has passed, retrieve the knife and rinse it off.

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