Monday, May 25, 2015

Tarot Readers Help Save Lives!

What happens if someone comes to a tarot reader in an urgent life crisis?  What if your client says I've been feeling suicidal, I' being abused, or I need help!

What I do is try to first give reassurance and then connect them to their nearest crisis hotline/helpline phone numbers or websites.  Click on this link to see what I offer:

Don't take these requests lightly!  You may be the first or only person to be contacted.  Do your best to get them connected to the proper resources.  You'll be glad you did and very relieved if they come back to thank you!

Many Blessings,


Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Page of Pentacles

This is the card I drew today!  Wow!  I am right at a turning point with my Tarot reading business, so this is a great card to receive!  Let me explain.

The Page represents youthful energy.  That abundant growth energy that infuses the owner with strength, creativity, and that youthful passion that drives one to move forward and conquer the tasks ahead in order to become successful. 

The Page of Pentacles represents anything to do with, well, pentacles!  Practical, Earthly concerns are what this Page likes to speak about.  He is concerned with the labor, bookkeeping, organization of the plan, and the marketing.  He wants everything strategically in place so that growth may occur.

So, in essence I am being told to develop a “can do” attitude and get my act together, because then my success will be right around the corner.  I’m so excited!
If you are interested in what the cards may have to tell you come visit my Tarot Reading Room to find out!



Monday, May 11, 2015

Moony Mondayness - Shock Waves!

This is something I hope I never experience!  But wait,  I think I might have a time or two, and it was just wearing a disguise!  Yes, I'm sure of it!  What do I mean?

Anytime the sky seems to fall, the world, as you know it, seems to end, things just seem to fall apart right before your eyes, and perhaps against your conscious wishes, you've been shipwrecked!

OMG, you say, I think this is happening to me!  Now what do I do?

First  try to get a grip on your emotions.  Drama, drama, drama!  It's OK to get angry, feel sad, cry, yell, etc., but don't lose your head!  

After the climax of whatever happens to make you feel wrecked, let the tears fall and express the agony to anyone who will listen, but when you have expressed it all and your soul is cleansed, open up and ask the Universe to help you sort it out. 

Get some rest and then make a thoughtful list of anything that you might have some control over. Don't dwell on those things that you can't control!  Moving forward is the key!

You must also try to grasp that this is probably a prearranged life path correction.  Pre-arranged? Would you pre-arrange your own destruction?  Maybe!  Your soul spends a significant amount of time planning and choosing a path before you reincarnate.  As souls, we are always trying to improve ourselves and grow toward connection with The Source, just like a plant turns & reaches toward the light.  This means that we might pick huge challenges during a lifetime in order to meet or exceed our goals!  To understand what I am talking about I would recommend that you read this book:

Journey of Souls by Michael Newton, PH.D.

It's easy to read, but the insights you will gain about life are incredible!

If you simply don't have time for this or just don't want to read this fabulous book you can always come to me for a Tarot reading!  Maybe I can help you sort things out?  I'll be waiting!



Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tarot Tuesday

Hi Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your Beltane celebrations or at least gazing at the bright and beautiful, Full Flower Moon!  This is such a wonderful and sensual time of year.  Nature is just burgeoning with flowers and sweet new babies!  These are Muscovy ducklings from a wild flock that we feed.

Many of us get the Spring cleaning bug.  We want to get everything tidied up and refreshed for the oncoming sunny seasons.  I'm no exception!  I have spent some time cleaning and rearranging my Tarot site, and I have added something that I think you will find a lot of fun!

If you go to the second page on the site, or click on any Free Reading button, you can interact with the deck of your choice (there's two).  You will be guided through a simple three card reading that you choose and the interpretations will be presented as you click on each card.  You can sign in and start your own tarot journal, too!  So, drop on by to and check it out!

If you are satisfied with the reading(s) you get from this app, I'm thrilled, but if you need something more you can always reach me personally in The Tarot Reading Room, Tarot Just For Fun!, Tarot Life Coaching, or ask me a question in the appropriate Free Questions box.

I can't wait to hear what you think, so leave me a comment below!