Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Tarot Tuesday

Hi Everyone,

I hope you enjoyed your Beltane celebrations or at least gazing at the bright and beautiful, Full Flower Moon!  This is such a wonderful and sensual time of year.  Nature is just burgeoning with flowers and sweet new babies!  These are Muscovy ducklings from a wild flock that we feed.

Many of us get the Spring cleaning bug.  We want to get everything tidied up and refreshed for the oncoming sunny seasons.  I'm no exception!  I have spent some time cleaning and rearranging my Tarot site, and I have added something that I think you will find a lot of fun!

If you go to the second page on the site, or click on any Free Reading button, you can interact with the deck of your choice (there's two).  You will be guided through a simple three card reading that you choose and the interpretations will be presented as you click on each card.  You can sign in and start your own tarot journal, too!  So, drop on by to www.seastartarot.com and check it out!

If you are satisfied with the reading(s) you get from this app, I'm thrilled, but if you need something more you can always reach me personally in The Tarot Reading Room, Tarot Just For Fun!, Tarot Life Coaching, or ask me a question in the appropriate Free Questions box.

I can't wait to hear what you think, so leave me a comment below!

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