Monday, April 27, 2015

Moony Mondayness - Strength + Justice = Hope


As I was doing a card reading today, I was reminded of something.  In some decks of Tarot cards, such as The Tarot of Delphi pictured above, Justice is number XI or 11.  Other decks occasionally place Justice in the 8th position.  The relevance here would be that if you pick a numerological Life Path card for someone, which helps to determine the Karmic goals that they should focus on in their current lifetime, they might assign them to be either Strength or Justice depending on the deck.  So, how could this affect their path?
My Life Path number is 8.  So most often I am determined to be a combination of Strength and because the numbers add up to 8, I am also considered to have the Karmic qualities of Star, which is the card that represents hope.  If I accept this assignment that would mean that I should help others by being positive and uplifting, fighting to keep my head above slander and/or harmful negative situations, and being tough enough to bounce back when knocked down.
OK, so I am all of these and have been all my life.  If someone were to tell me that I was Justice and Star would that really alter my destiny?  I think not, because if you examine the ideas represented on these cards, you might come to the conclusion that in order to be positive and uplifting to myself and others and bring hope, I would really have to embrace the qualities of Justice and be fair, right?

So, there is a ‘crossover’ here that can be embraced and added in to suggest that, as above, Strength + Justice + Hope!

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