Monday, April 13, 2015

Moony Mondayness-Banishing Unwanted Energies

Blessings Everyone!

The 'Supermoon' that occurred on the 4th is waning. Full Moons are both beautiful and powerful energies, but is a waning Moon something we should connect to?  Absolutely!
Wait a minute.  Why would you want to connect to something that's disappearing?  

The waning Moon is the time to connect to banishing unwanted energies.  Think about something you really want gone from your life; Is someone or something annoying you?  Has an illness got you down?  Do you need to banish money problems, pain, doubt, fear?  

Are you getting the idea?  Good!  Think about something you want gone from your life.  Take a piece of paper and your favorite writing implement.  Now write down on this paper what exactly you want to be rid of.  Fold the paper away from you 4 times.  Your intent should be to visualize that as the moon wanes the problem will go away.

Now that you've visualized your world without this annoyance, you can do one of a few things with the paper.  
1.  You can take it to someplace safe for burning, light it and focus on seeing your problem burn away.  
2.  You can bury the paper and see your problem deteriorating and the negative energy being recycled by Mother Earth into something worthwhile.
3.  Last but not least, you can release your paper into a stream of water and watch it float away from you.
After the paper is gone from your site, take a few deep breaths and picture your world as it will be without this irritating energy.  How does that feel?
I hope you enjoyed this post.  Please feel free to leave a comment or ask a question!

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