Monday, March 9, 2015

Good Monday Friends & Tarot Enthusiasts!

Good Day Everyone! In an attempt to take the Mondayness out of your day an send some Florida sunshine your way, I created a little collage. It's a picture story of my Sunday. I sold a couple of Charm Bags, passed out a fair amount of business cards and gave 3 readings. Not a gangbuster busy day, but a very pleasant one full of peace and acceptance... The day was lovely with temps in the upper 70's and lots of sunshine, so since the Craft Fair ended early, my husband and our good friend contrived to reward me for all of my hard work with a bit of sightseeing and an impromptu sail for a bit down the ICW. What a treat! The Nina and the Pinta had come to town. We couldn't be satisfied with a brief land view, so we got up close and personal with the boat! Abundant Blessings to everyone! ~ Sharon Merlier wink emoticon

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