Monday, February 9, 2015

Spring Is Coming!

Love Is In the Air!

It's February...  the month when Nature 'quickens' everything.  The Full Moon this month is called the "Quickening Moon" and even though up North it's still snowy and cold, Mother Earth stirs below the surface.  Spring is coming and the beginnings of new plants, animals, and human relationships are gearing up to take center stage.
Just look at those two in the picture. It certainly appears as though Cupid has bent his arrow in their direction!  

In Tarot, this card can represent that 'love to end all loves' has entered your life, but it can also have other meanings depending upon the tarot card reading spread used and/or the questions asked.  

For example, suppose I asked, "Will my broken ankle mend quickly?" 

The Lovers card appears as the answer?
Hmmm...  What this tarot card would be trying to say is, "Sorry, but you will have to make a long-term commitment with your body here in order to heal well.  There are some choices to be made.  You might be tempted to skip out on physical therapy or that xray appointment to see how your bone is mending, but this could really impair your long-term outcome!

So, essentially when this tarot card comes up in a reading it generally symbolizes choices and commitments.  The caveat is that no tarot card meaning is set in stone.  Those of us who study and use tarot learn that we must tune in and often "intuit" what the tarot cards are trying to say.  This is why, for best outcome, it takes a skilled Tarot reader to interpret what the cards are trying to tell you.

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