Wednesday, February 25, 2015

What to expect from a Tarot Reading from Sea Star Tarot

So, what would you get if you purchased a tarot reading from me?  What does a tarot reading look like?  Pictured below is a simple reading about understanding a situation.

Let's say you asked me to help you understand why you can't seem to get the raise in pay you want.   You just can't figure out what to do about it and need some clarity.  I would shuffle my tarot deck with your question in mind and then draw 3 cards.  It would look something like this:


The cards would vary according to the question asked.  In this case the cards are saying that you don't have enough qualifying education/experience. (Fool), need to get more education (Hierophant), and once these steps are taken you will be able to move forward and negotiate for that raise!  (3 of Wands)

I would then send this to you online.

I hope you enjoyed this little demonstration!



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